My first attempt at a healthier body

It has been years since I worked out, I mean, a really good workout regime. But you get to that point, when you look at yourself in the mirror, and say "Where did the body that I used to have, go." That's the point that tends to take a chunk out your self esteem, as... Continue Reading →


Finding friends

It can often be difficult for my son to find friends that will continually play with him, because of some of the behaviors he exhibits. But yesterday, it was so nice out, and he heard the neighborhood kids next door playing and wanted to join in. I decided to give him a chance and see... Continue Reading →

These links are for parents raising special needs kids mainly with ADHD, Bipolar, ODD, or Autism spectrum disorder. National institute of mental health CHADD AACAP¬†- Now this website has some great information, resources, and links for parents, so it is definitely worth a look. ADDitude¬†- This is a simple checklist to see if your child... Continue Reading →

Another day of words

This morning has been an extremely exhausting, and painful morning, what with the rain we're getting and the issues I deal with as far as health. For as long as I can remember, I've had Scoliosis and what is apparently called Lumbar Ridiculopathy (I never knew this even existed). So waking up on a rainy... Continue Reading →

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