I just cleaned that spot!

It’s that moment, when you just finished cleaning your counters, wiped down the kitchen table with all it’s stickiness and unknown goo, and cleaned your floors so you could probably eat off of them (But I wouldn’t in my house). Then you have the child who forgot to turn off the tv and your so busy doing the kitchen that you figure, what harm could it do, I’ll turn it off when I’m done. Trust me when I say TURN OFF THE DAMN TV. It will do more harm than you think, at least for those parents who have accident prone, very focused children with hawk ears. That’s my son by the way, and yes, this did happen to me. My son is in the kitchen as I clean, eating a snack and of course it was pudding, chocolate, thick shit brown pudding. But he also had some pretzels that he managed to sort of crush up but was still eating. So yes, we had Dora on and he didn’t seem to be paying attention to the show until the stupid narrator says that one line that always makes kids voice turn up about five notches. Next thing I know, I hear “Say map”, at least twice, maybe more, but I was busy. The end result made me want to laugh, cry and yep, punch myself in the face. My son was reciting “Say map” and when he thought the tv didn’t hear him, because the guy just had to go and say it again, he yelled with pudding in his mouth “SAY MAP, JESUS CHRIST” . Yeah he spit all over my clean table, my chair, I think even the back of my shirt, although I can’t recall that part right now. As he did this he swung his hands out in a very wide gesture and flung his pudding which was put to the side, all over my pantry door, floor, a bit inside the electric heater, my apron, it was EVERYWHERE! Plus his pretzels went for the ride too and stuck to all the pudding. I didn’t know what to do, I just looked at the mess in amazement, and then my son who was laughing so hard he almost fell over in his chair. I wanted to cry but I did end up laughing so hard I almost fell over, only because when does stuff like this even happen? Well, for me almost everyday, but still really? So when you have a minute turn off that tv, it really can be a hazard. The funny thing is, when I saw this picture, It was exactly what had happened to me, so there must be someone out there who’s done this.


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