The age old electronics battle

Do you ever just want to throw up your hands and scream defeat at the world? I think I must do this a thousand times a day. Thankfully my daughter’s not old enough, at least by my standards, to be glued to any electronics (other than her favorite show in the morning), but my son on the other hand, is a different dragon to slay altogether. Let me start by saying he is special needs and with a lot of special needs kids these days, the electronics battle is real, for most of us parents anyhow. Now before you judge, as some people just can’t help but do, I do have a time limit set aside for my son everyday. One hour during school days and two hours on weekends, split up of course throughout the day. But, enforcing this rule has become the worst battle I feel that I face everyday and IT IS KILLING ME! I am failing at this quite miserably, but I still forge on and try other methods, most that crash and burn quite splendidly mind you. It doesn’t help that my son was diagnosed with Oppositional Defiance Disorder about a year ago, and realizing how difficult and defiant my son was, even with decent parenting, I gladly rolled comfortably with that diagnosis. Because let’s face it, sometimes even though I feel, and perform like an amateur in certain situations (Even though I’m a veteran), I do exactly what a responsible parent is supposed to do, it just bounces my son like he purposely set up a parental forcefield. My response is usually to cycle through all known procedures and when they all fail, punch myself in the face, drink a glass of wine, and keep reciting to myself like a frigging mantra “NOPE.”. That’s pretty much where I tend to crack up through the day. I did however find this app that completely pisses my son off, because it blocks him after a certain amount of time and if he hasn’t finished that game, or searching for that perfect game he’s been searching for, for over an hour, all hell breaks loose. Honestly, it’s like my living room floor has split in two and hell is spewing through the cracks, that’s how mad he gets and those are the moments when parents need an excedrin and some wine. So the app I use is called screen Time (android), and it’s a pretty great app. It limits the apps your kids can use, monitors their time, and you can keep track of how long they spend on apps. So if you need to restrict your kids, or set new boundaries in place of ones that weren’t working, this may be your life saver.


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