Welcome Lovelies.

It has been a really long time since I created and managed any blogs, but it’s time to start anew. I used to manage at least four blogs at one time, various subjects as well, but I thought to myself the other day, “The one thing I know best, is parenting.”. So, here I am, all about parenting, it’s mishaps, hilarious moments and just plain WTF moments. It’s not all sunshine gals and guys, you know that if you’re a parent. But most outsiders who don’t have kids, don’t know that sometimes in the parenting world, shit can hit the fan, and perhaps even literally. There’s those moments when you’re wondering if that’s chocolate on your shirt, or…Yes, you guessed it, SHIT! Trust me people, it has happened to all of us, well maybe just most of us. Then there’s the moments when your little ones start to talk and they come out with your choice word of the day (your most favorite swear word when things get rough). I plan to document it all, just as I did as my son was growing up, but now, I get to do it for my daughter and my son’s older years. I am blessed to have a beautiful, intelligent 2 year old little girl who is the funniest person I’ve ever had the pleasure of raising. Then again, my son, when he’s vocal and present, can be quite hilarious himself, but my daughter is funny in a whole different way, mostly using looks and gestures to crack you up. My son is 8 and he’s special needs, but such an amazing kid to raise, and love. He mostly spends his time glued to electronics when he’s not hiking, or watching the latest episode of spongebob, but we still have those moments where I’ll secretly tickle him and hear his infectious laugh, I absolutely love it. But we have Jekyl and Hyde moments as well, sometimes he’s my wonderful, caring little boy and others he hates everyone around him for that moment and life isn’t fair. But with most special needs kids like him, the solution, and problem isn’t always an easy one. So this is my trek through motherhood, all the while tripping over everything in my path and sometimes face planting into that pile of legos I told him to clean up 3 days ago. Grab a cup of java, maybe a fat piece of cheesecake, because sweetie, you know you need it and veg out in front of your electronic devices as I make you laugh, cry and want to punch someone in the face. Welcome to my life lovelies.


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