A vacation my for son

This week was my son’s April vacation  and as most parents raising special needs kids do, I dreaded it. What to do with the kids,  what if they aren’t busy enough and throw a fit, or what if they get so aggravated and throw a fit, or the dreaded, what if they’re just so wound nonstop that they act up all day. It’s easy to say you’re going to create a schedule for your child and stick to it 100%, but it’s another when at certain points throughout that schedule, they refuse to continue following it and want to do what they want, when they want to. Especially if your child struggles with Oppositional Defiance disorder like mine, then your day usually consists of constant no’s and arguing with you and not budging when you try to work with them. This usually includes my son throwing a fit because he can’t get his way, and he’s a very big boy, so the stomping of the feet usually comes first, then the yelling and swearing.

So when my mother offered to take him and give him a little vacation in new hampshire, I was thrilled. Not only because he would be able to get away and spend time with her and his grandfather, whom he both loves very much and tends to miss them terribly when he’s in Massachusetts at home. But also because my daughter needed the break as well. I wish I could say that they were the perfect type of siblings who loved each other constantly and never picked on each other, or aggravated each other, but I can’t. I honestly don’t think there’s any siblings out there like that, and if by chance there are, (to the parents) you are one lucky person. My daughter has thing way about her, she has this bubble and most often doesn’t like you to invade that bubble (even me). So when my son is constantly poking her, trying to hug her, or give her kisses, or just tackling her to the couch, she gets annoyed (that’s an extreme understatement). She will make this high pitch whining sound that you hear no matter what room your in, on a continuous basis through the day, and it never seems to stop. No matter how I attempt to redirect his attention, or distract from doing this, I fail. He tunes me out completely and ignores everything I’m saying, not to mention his sister, until she smacks across his face, which is usually the end result. Now, I do not condone hitting in my home in the least, but trying to deter her from hitting him when he is constantly invading her bubble and won’t really give her a moment’s peace, seems to be the worst obstacle I face on a daily basis. These are the time’s when I am actually thankful for school during the day, because it gives them both a break, and god know’s mama needs one too.

So far, my son’s vacation is going well, I’ve heard of no mishaps, he’s been doing a bit of hiking (something he really loves to do), planting some seeds in his noni’s garden. He’s enjoying himself and for that, I’m grateful, because his grandparents are the second most important people to him in his life. My daughter is loving her vacation as well. She can wake up in the morning, not be aggravated, eat her breakfast and watch her cartoons in peace and I think she’s liking the peace. But that sometimes, feels sad to me, because I wish for her, she could have a bit of that when he’s home, but she doesn’t often get to. Hopefully when my son gets back she still  has a bit of that left, but we’ll see. Enjoy your April vacation Lovelies, don’t go too mad, and make sure to take time for yourselves (that’s the pot calling the kettle black).


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