The end of April vacation.

Well, my son’s vacation will be coming to an end, and my sanity. No, really, I do love my children, don’t misjudge that in any way, but a parent’s sanity comes into question when they raise special needs kids. I don’t think it would be so difficult if my kids got along better, but since my son has a hard time with personal space, you would think they’re going to have a kid war every five seconds. But when they play, it’s such a pleasant, welcome sight, as they race each other around my kitchen table and laugh hysterically. Or sometimes they play a game where the couch is some kind of obstacle course and they’re both flipping of the chaise every few seconds. Trust me, these are the moments when I’m actually almost eating my heart, because it just won’t be still. But they’re kids and as long as they can be reasonably (for a kid anyhow) safe, I let them play and laugh with them, and usually snap a few hundred photos for my pinterest site. I think my most favorite time though, is when they’re cuddling together, and my daughter is lying her head on his belly, as she sucks her thumb and feigns sleepiness. My son loves it, because he would rather show her affection as her brother all day long, than have her slap him, which is normally what she does when she’s had enough.

I can’t wait to see my son, I miss him terribly, I just don’t look forward the Jekyll and hyde moments. But today, I was smart enough to ask one of his therapists about camps for special needs kids, because god knows it is going to be one long summer. So hopefully with some luck, and some more luck, he’ll be attending a nice camp while I work, and Bells is in daycare. I like to have a plan (it doesn’t always work out that way) that is successful, well thought out, and that can withstand the test of my kids. Speaking of children, my little Bellamia will be returning home soon, so alas, I bid you farewell, and for all my fellow parents, your sanity will return with school on monday. Ciao Lovelies.


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