Useful links

These links are for parents raising special needs kids mainly with ADHD, Bipolar, ODD, or Autism spectrum disorder.

  • National institute of mental health
  • AACAP – Now this website has some great information, resources, and links for parents, so it is definitely worth a look.
  • ADDitude – This is a simple checklist to see if your child may/may not have symptoms of ADHD. Not meant to replace a professional, so when you take this test, mention it to your doctor, that you visited this site and went through this checklist.
  • ADHD medications – A list of commonly used medications for ADHD with reviews, ratings, and interactions. It also lets you know which ones are a high potential for abuse.
  • ADHD together – This website is very handy, It gives you the steps you need to support your children and help them do better in school, and at home.
  • ADDitude activities – Again we return to ADDitude, but this time, it talks about the correct sports to enroll your child with ADHD.
  • – A great list of activities to do inside with kids who have ADHD.
  • ADDitude support groups – Support group for moms who have children with ADHD.
  • – list of events in the Massachusetts area for kids with special needs.
  • – more activities and events in Massachusetts.
  • AMC movie theatre sensory friendly films – Yes parents, it has happened, AMC movie theatre is now showing sensory friendly films for kids with autism, or ADHD,  where they can jump, play, and be themselves.

Useful links for parents

If there are any other specific types of links you would like me to add, head over to my contact page and leave me a message.


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