Finding friends

It can often be difficult for my son to find friends that will continually play with him, because of some of the behaviors he exhibits. But yesterday, it was so nice out, and he heard the neighborhood kids next door playing and wanted to join in. I decided to give him a chance and see how he did. He was playing very well (I was surprised) for a while, until either one of the other kids starting throwing rocks, or he himself initiated it. Either way, the kids and the houses were getting hit, and I was worried either a window would get broken, or someones head. So I immediately went downstairs and told him it was unacceptable behavior, and it needed to stop so he didn’t have to come in. But unfortunately, he decided to not listen, and take off around the building, continuing to throw rocks near the cars in the parking lot. These are the moments I get frustrated, because after having done pretty well all day, I end up having to offer up consequences for him doing something like this. So he had to come in, and lose privileges over that, mostly because he didn’t stop when I asked him to, and ran off.

Isabella on the other hand can be a bit easier to handle since she doesnt struggle with the same conditions my son does. She had a lot of fun chasing the kids around, and playing with the little boy next door. I loved hearing her laugh in the loud, dramatic way that she does while she bends over a bit and holds her fists out to the side. She is quite a character. She was mystified by the dog a few doors down, barking at kids as it peeked through the blinds. It would become quiet when she walked away and she would have this odd look on her face and walk back there, only to hear the dog begin barking again. This kept her attention as she constantly walked back and forth for half an hour.

Not everyday is easy in our house, and it’s not always pleasant, but it never means that I love my son any less, or resent my son, as a lot of parents I have spoken to, with kids like my son, have said about their kids. He is my heart and soul, we just take it day by day. Hopefully today is better, as it is such a beautiful, warm day, a good one for another day of soccer, and some exercise.


Ciao Lovelies.


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