Adopting eating habits from other countries.

This morning my son had an appointment with his nutritionist. Now it's the first time we've ever been to one, because frankly, I don't think he needs to see one. He eats healthy, fruits, veggies, even healthy shakes in the morning, and of course, no sugar and limited snacking. However, that said, he's still a... Continue Reading →

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The end of April vacation.

Well, my son's vacation will be coming to an end, and my sanity. No, really, I do love my children, don't misjudge that in any way, but a parent's sanity comes into question when they raise special needs kids. I don't think it would be so difficult if my kids got along better, but since... Continue Reading →

The birth of my daughter

When my daughter was born, the words were indescribable, I had none. I had all the thoughts in the world, floating around in my head, and my heart, but when I tried to express them, it was if I was mute. I had dreamt of having a daughter since I was old enough to know... Continue Reading →

A vacation my for son

This week was my son's April vacation  and as most parents raising special needs kids do, I dreaded it. What to do with the kids,  what if they aren't busy enough and throw a fit, or what if they get so aggravated and throw a fit, or the dreaded, what if they're just so wound... Continue Reading →

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